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September 24, 2018

Clermont Bluffs - More Recognition: US NEWS & WORLD REPORT FEATURE

By: Troy Bickford

Clermont Bluffs -  More Recognition:  US NEWS & WORLD REPORT FEATURE

Our Luxury Bathroom in the Cardinal Branch Room continues to garner attention and highlights our B&B as a unique accommodation.  Now we're been honored to be featured in this article US News and World Report.   As a small business owner, one of the most exciting experiences you can have to watch something grow from an idea into a reality and then into a success.  Upon purchasing Clermont Bluffs, we struggled with the decision to locate the bathroom in our upstairs guest room.  It seemed no matter the choice, the spot would chop up our room into an awkward and unwelcoming spot.  

We'll sometimes it pays to think "outside of the box".   At first we ignored the large walk-in attic (one of several in the house) that was vacant and unfinished.  But as the search for bath space progressed, it became clearer and clearer that the answer wasn't elusive.  It was right in front of our faces. We knew the space could be fabulous; but we also knew the investment would be daunting.  

Now, after 18 months of operations, I can say that our designer attic bath has won many hearts and, in process, many return visits!  The original beams, the chimney, the peeping-eye window, and of course the elegant, claw foot tub and overhead shower are all elements of this special room.  

Our home is a secluded retreat, convenient to downtown Natchez MS.  We feel lie this room offers an extra element, making Clermont Bluffs a truly unique accommodation.  Our home is a haven for rest and relaxation.  Romantic couples, parent getaways, girls weekends and special occasions all work perfectly 



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